Equitable Life’s Auto Assess Program Reaches 40% Auto Approvals

Equitable Life’s Auto Assess Program Reaches 40% Auto Approvals

At Equitable Life®, we’ve been busy making ongoing enhancements to our Auto Approval processes and underwriting rules, and investing in our technology, to make it easier than ever to do business with us. We are excited to announce that our Auto Assess program has reached 40% auto approvals for eligible applications.

As a result of these changes, many proposed insureds with a clear medical history, solid financials, and no other risk factors will be autoapproved. This will free up time for our underwriting team to focus their expertise on complex or large cases quicker and more efficiently.

We are proud of our Auto Approval process and have given it a name: PLUS! It stands for:

Life and Critical Illness

Recently, Scott Morrow, Individual Insurance Sales Vice President, MGA East, sat down with Shamir Jamal, Assistant Vice President Underwriting to discuss the PLUS system and its most recent milestone: an impressive 40% Auto Approval rate*!

Watch the video interview with Scott and Shamir


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*as of June 2022

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