Equitable Life Accepts eSignatures by Approved Vendors on all Forms and Documents

Equitable Life Accepts eSignatures by Approved Vendors on all Forms and Documents

For fastest processing, you can add eSign@equitable.ca as a non-signing reviewer. This allows Equitable® to access documents immediately and safely from the eSign Vendor site.

It’s that easy!

Approved eSignature vendors are:
eSignLive (OneSpan/Silanis)

Note: Digital signatures are an image/font of a signature and not stamped. These are not acceptable forms of signatures.

What are the benefits?
● It’s secure because you no longer need to upload or email documents to us.
● It also removes a step in the process for you -  we will get the eSigned documents directly once all signatures are completed and therefore you no longer need to notify us once the documents are signed.
● Your documents will be processed quickly and efficiently.

How does this work?
● We will accept eSignatures from all vendors listed as Approved eSignature Vendors above.
● When you submit a form, adding esign@equitable.ca as a non-signing reviewer is the preferred method as this ensures the security embedded documents are accurately and immediately available for Equitable to download. In addition, we will now also accept correctly eSigned forms directly emailed to us.*  
● We will be automatically notified when signing is complete and will download eSigned forms immediately for processing. eSignature email addresses must match what is in our file (as provided on the application, for electronic policy delivery or through previous communication). If an email address has changed, or we don’t have an email contact for the signer, we will follow up for confirmation.

*350 Paper Applications that are being signed through an eSign Vendor must have eSign@equitable.ca included as a Non-Signing Reviewer as the Application can not be sent via email. 

Vendor Add Equitable in One Easy Step
See How it Looks
DocuSign  "CC Receives a Copy" with email: eSign@equitable.ca Guide to Completing eSignatures
Equitable is to be added on the form as:
Type: "Recipient"
Role: "Reviewer"
Email: eSign@equitable.ca
Equitable to be added under the "CC" option as a "CC" using the email address eSign@equitable.ca
Equitable uses OneSpan for our EZcomplete® Online Application process and eDelivery
EZcomplete The signatures are captured through EZcomplete, the client(s) and advisor sign the application in Step 8 of the EZcomplete application.
The signing process is initiated by Equitable.
Guide to Completing eSignatures
eDelivery Equitable sends Contracts
The signing process is initiated by Equitable.
Clients will automatically receive a “Your review and e-signature are required” email from signers@e-signlive.ca with a link to complete their part of the eDelivery process.
This is all automatically done through Equitable's eDelivery of a Contract system
Advisor Initiated eSignature Vendors
Forms Advisor selects the eSign vendor Advisors can submit forms through a eSignature vendor to Equitable Life.

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager for more information.
® or TM denotes a registered trademark of The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada.