3 ways doing business with Equitable Life will be even easier!

3 ways doing business with Equitable Life will be even easier!

Let’s talk about 3 ways doing business with Equitable Life will be even easier. From the creation of the application through to the commissions being paid, we make doing business with us EZ.

1. Creating the application: EZcomplete
EZcomplete is already web based, meaning you can complete an application on any device with an internet browser and connection. You can open and complete multiple applications at the same time. This means when you’re putting coverage in place for a whole family, the experience can be significantly faster.
Another recent enhancement is the ability to clone an application. A whole family or a spouse can have a lot of duplicate information and the ability to clone an application can save tremendous amounts of time and make for a much more pleasant client experience.

2. Submission of the application: Auto-approvals with PLUS
Once received from EZcomplete, our system immediately loads the application, checks for advisor licensing and E&O, then moves on to underwriting review with a system we call PLUS. That’s Predictive, Life & Critical Illness Underwriting System.
PLUS is what’s enabled us to reach an auto approval rate of 40% for eligible cases while increasing our non-medical limits up to $3,000,000 at the same time! Look for Equitable to continue to make improvements over time as PLUS becomes more capable.

3. Communication through to commission: EZ Communication 
We are changing the way we communicate with you. A new feature – SMS – is available. When you submit an application you can opt-in to receive text message updates for your new business applications. That’s a text message when the application is received, when it’s decisioned, when it’s ready for delivery and when the commissions have been triggered.

In addition, Equitable Life will continue to send proactive emails detailing outstanding requirements. No need to log in to your advisor portal to know exactly what is going on with a case.

In summary, whatever your style of business, Equitable Life works to deliver exceptional experiences and make things EZ!