Paramedicals now open - Updated

Paramedicals now open - Updated Update: Paramedicals are now open across all parts of Canada.
We have been opening paramedical services across parts of Canada. Paramedicals now open in all parts of Ontario and Quebec. 

We encourage you to continuing referencing the Evidence of Insurability table (1343) for the current requirements given recent changes to our Non-med limits. For provinces that have reopened for services, we will be waiting on necessary requirements to Underwrite based on the Evidence of Insurability table.

Changes to how paramedical services are conducted
Dynacare will resume home visits for all appointments  as of July 2, after starting with appointments at fixed site facilities. Dynacare’s COVID-19 client guide will be provided to the client directly. ExamOne examiners will continue with home visits for their appointment and the entire paramedical. ExamOne’s COVID-19 guide will also be provided to the client directly.
A reminder about our commitment to safety
It is Equitable Life's commitment that both clients and advisors will be provided clear and thoughtful communication before initiating any testing. Clients should fully understand the potential risks associated with having a paramedical test taken at this time and are always able to choose not to attend the appointment if they do not feel comfortable or safe.
If your client prefers a fixed site facility appointment, please notify the service provider (Dynacare or ExamOne) or let us know.
Orders in process prior to services shutting down
Please note if you had an order in process prior to services shutting down, the provider will be looking to re-open and complete those orders. If requirements are no longer needed given the non-med limit changes, the order will remain closed.