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Leave a legacy. Increase wealth. Save tax.

Tax-efficient alternatives for estate transfer and retirement income. The preferred choice for your clients.

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It's easy with EZcomplete for face-to-face meetings and InsuranceAssist for non-face-to-face meetings

Life policy collateral loans

Participating whole life and universal life policyholders can use the cash surrender value of their life insurance policy as collateral for a tax-free bank loan.

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Thinking term? Think Equitable.

Highly competitive term. Make us your #1 choice!

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A convenient way to pay for Equimax

Premium deposit fund

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Simple issue. Simply faster.

Critical illness insurance is personal

Help your clients recover on their terms.

Critical illness insurance - How much do you need?

The answer is at your fingertips with our online needs analysis tool.

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Equitable Life has a broad range of insurance products to meet all your clients' life and health insurance needs. Click on a product below for details.

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