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Insurance Products

Equitable Life's comprehensive insurance products are designed to meet a variety of needs - from basic protection in the short or long term, financial security, estate planning, tax efficient savings or leaving a lasting legacy.

Universal Life

Equation Generation IV universal life combines cost-effective life insurance protection and a choice of tax-advantaged investment opportunities in one convenient package. It offers a choice of death benefits and guaranteed cost of insurance (COI) options.

Whole Life

Equimax is participating whole life insurance that provides cost-effective permanent protection, the choice of 2 plan types, and the opportunity for tax-advantaged savings. Final Protection is non-participating simple issue whole life insurance that offers guaranteed lifetime protection, level premiums and cash value and underwriting based on just a few simple health questions.

Term Plans

Term insurance from Equitable Life provides temporary, flexible and affordable protection with a variety of built in features to meet the changing needs of your clients, such as preferred underwriting classes, exchange options and other riders.

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance provides a lump sum benefit to help your client manage expenses and focus on recovery. EquiLiving is a fully underwritten plan that covers 25 conditions. Living Protection is a simple issue product that requires no medical exam. It covers the four most common illnesses facing Canadians today.