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Changes to Calibrator Death Benefit Option on Equation Generation IV effective January 4, 2014 (fran├žais)

Equitable Life is introducing a Minimum Funding Requirement on the Calibrator Death Benefit Option. The following Minimum Funding Requirement must be met before Calibrator face decreases can begin:

  • The sum of Premiums paid less any Cash Withdrawals must be equal to or greater than 20 times the first year Minimum Annual Premium on the date of calculation
  • The request for Calibrator face decreases must be submitted 30 days before the applicable policy anniversary. The Minimum Funding Requirement will be calculated on that date.
  • For more information on these changes and how applications will be processed, refer to the Transition Rules. (fran├žais)
  • The updated illustration software will be available for download after 9:00 a.m. EST on Monday, January 6, 2014.

Questions? Contact your Equitable Life Regional Service Representative nearest you.