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GDA Commission Enhancements (français)

Effective August 1, 2014 we will be simplifying advisor commission rates on deposits made to a Guaranteed Deposit Account (GDA). These changes include commission increases on a number of bands, giving you the best commission rate on all GDA deposits and terms.

Our new commission rates are simpler, easier to calculate, and better than ever:

Our new rates:

New Commission Rates
12 - 119 months Term in months x 0.4% x Deposit Amount
120 + months 4% x Deposit Amount

Compared to our old rates:

Old Commission Rates
12 - 60 months Step 1: Calculate on the first $50,000 in premium:
Term in months x 0.4% x Deposit Amount

Step 2: Calculate on the excess of the first $50,000 in premium:
Term in months x 0.25% x Balance of the Deposit Amount
60 - 119 months Term in months x 0.25% x Deposit Amount
120 + months 2.5% x Deposit Amount

Our GDAs are flexible, available in simple and compound interest options, and offer some of the best GDA rates in the industry!