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Individual Life Process Enhancements - Please see the current non-face-to-face process.

New Process Enhancements

Our ongoing commitment to superior customer service along with getting applications issued faster has led us to change two processes and develop another one.

Our new commission rates are simpler, easier to calculate, and better than ever:

Previously you received an email from underwriting when a policy was approved. These emails have resulted in a larger percentage of the calls into our Regional Service Reps being for status updates on where the contracts are. To address this issue we have implemented the following process. Emails will only be sent on cases that are declined, postponed, rated or issued at a preferred class other than the class they applied for.

Equinet Enhancements Coming Soon…

The second part of the process enhancement involves changes that are coming to the "New Business Pending Inquiry" Screens in Equinet. The "Underwriting Requirements" screen will soon show you each requirement that was ordered and the date that it was ordered. It will then show you the date that the requirement was received at Head Office and the date that the underwriter reviewed the requirement. This enhanced information will allow you to follow your cases through underwriting to underwriter approval. Remember, the Underwriting Decision that is posted means that it has been approved. It still needs to be issued, printed and mailed!

Non Face to Face Sales Process

In this day and age with busy schedules and accessible travel there are situations where a non face to face makes sense. We are formalizing our guidelines and processes for Non Face to Face Sales.