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Equitable Life presents Payout Annuities - An opportunity to provide guaranteed income

Payout Annuity Image


Payout annuities are not generally the first investment choice for up and coming retirees. Often misunderstood by investors, payout annuities can be a great option for producing guaranteed income. For some, payout annuities should be a part of a balanced retirement portfolio. Depending upon the circumstances, payout annuities can be an excellent investment solution.

Join Benjamin Reed-Hurwitz, Product Manager, Savings and Retirement, Equitable Life of Canada  for a discussion on payout annuities. Hear why payout annuities provide a guaranteed income that is worry-free and receive insight into how a payout annuity can fit into your client's retirement plan. Learn about the features and advantages a payout annuity can provide to your client.  

Equitable Life offers several payout annuity options including:

  • Life Annuity

  • Annuity Certain (non-registered only)

  • Annuity Certain to age 90

  • Joint and Survivor

  • Joint and Survivor (with reducing payments)


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