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Financial planning concepts & tools

Corporate Preferred Retirement Solution (corporate borrowing)

On June 24, 2019, we are adding the ability to choose corporate borrowing when illustrating the Corporate Preferred Retirement Solution.

Learn more about the differences between shareholder and corporate borrowing:

Checklists outline the most critical information you and your clients need to know:

NOW AVAILABLE:   Shareholder and corporate borrowing client brochures using Equimax whole life:

Chinese brochures are in progress. 

Preferred life insurance solutions - a packaged approach

A packaged approach to show that life insurance can be a preferred method for helping individuals and corporations to leave a legacy, increase wealth and save tax. It's a tax-efficient solution compared to alternative taxable investments.

  • Preferred Estate Transfer
    By redirecting some of their money from taxable investments into a permanent life insurance policy, your clients can create a larger estate and save taxes.
  • Preferred Retirement Solution
    By using the cash value of the life insurance policy as collateral for a bank loan, your clients can supplement their retirement income with tax-free dollars. Find out more about collateral loans.

Preferred life insurance solutions are accessible through the Equitable Life Sales Illustration System. Available using Equimax participating whole life or Equation Generation IV universal life.


For high net worth clients.

Equitable Life is committed to working with you to grow our advanced market share.

Talk to your Equitable Life Advanced Case Consultant today! 

Advanced Market Insurance Solutions (#1791)

Equitable Life is not your typical financial services company.  Here are just some of the reasons why.  As one of Canada's largest mutual life insurance company, we are commitment to mutuality. Our financial strength allows us to deliver on our commitments to our policyholders. We consistently surpass the industry in percentage growth in individual life insurance sales. As part of our strategic focus, we are actively investing in the continued growth of our advanced market share and the support we provide to high net worth clients and their advisors. Find out how Equitable Life can help your clients achieve their financial goals with confidence.   (English)   (français)

Business fact finding questionnaire (#1788)

Are you working with a large corporate client?  Using this new fact finding questionnaire when doing financial planning with your business clients. It can ensure you gather the information you need to create financial and succession plans that will help them achieve their personal and business goals. (English)   (français)

Levelize the tax on your fixed income investments with participating whole life (#1799)

Would your high net worth clients like to pay less tax? This new client piece illustrates how a client with a large taxable fixed income portfolio recaptures some of the money they are currently paying in taxes, and immediately increases the value of their estate. How?  By using the net after-tax interest earned on their investment to buy a tax-exempt whole life insurance policy.  (English)   (français) 

Building a stronger investment portfolio with participating whole life (#1782)      

Help your high net worth clients put plans in place to assist them in meeting their investment goals. This includes selecting the right combination of guaranteed investments, fixed income, equities, and life insurance. Life insurance? That's right! A permanent life insurance policy not only helps your client build wealth, it gives them the freedom to spend their wealth by eliminating the need to ear-mark assets to leave to their heirs. This client piece shows you how. (English)   (français)