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Equitable Service Standards as of April 15, 2024



Current Service Standard

Posted Service Standard

New Business
EZcomplete application received to entry Same day 2 business days
Paper application received to entry 2 business days 3 business days
Time from decision to policy issue - EZcomplete Application 2 business days 2 business days
Time from decision to policy issue - Paper Application business days 2 business days
Time from date of requirement to decision date (underwriting) business days 2 business days
Inforce Business
Policy Updates (assignments, bankruptcies, policy values, subcopy contracts ) business days 4 business days
Name and Beneficiary Changes business days 4 business days
Ownership Changes  business days 4 business days
Reallocation of Funds business day 2 business days
Loans/Withdrawals business days 4 business days
Banking Requests/Changes business day 3 business days
Policy Terminations/Internal Replacements  2 business days 4 business days
Policy Reinstatements business days 4 business days
Inforce Illustration Quotes business days 4 business days
Policy Changes business days 4 business days
Conversions business days 2 business days
Change Inquiries business days 2 business days
Policy Changes (approved by Underwriting) business days 3 business days
Contracting applications business days 2 business days
Advisor updates business days 2 business days
Inquires business days 2 business days
Claim processing 11 business days 2 business days
Customer Service
Call wait time 1 minute 30 seconds
Email response time 3.5 business days 2 business days