A few important notes before you get started:

2023 CE CREDITS - Path to Success

Important: PLEASE USE CHROME TO VIEW THIS PROGRAM. Elements of this program may not display correctly in other browsers.

CE Credits are available for the 2023 CI Path to Success program. In order to successfully complete this course and receive CE credits, please remember the following important details:
  • Lectures must be completed in chronological order
  • For each lecture, you must watch the entire video, complete the quiz below the video then select "Complete and Continue" at the top of the screen.
  • You must score higher than 70% on each quiz element and can retake the quiz if you need to.
Upon completion of the course, your CE credits will be issued and will be available for download. Please ensure you follow the steps above.

Here’s the link to our CI program hosted on a site called Teachable:

Username: Please use your email that you are contracted with. 
Password: Equitable