We have partnered with Cloud DX to provide remote monitoring for all our EquiLiving® Critical Illness Insurance eligible claimants.*

A Canadian first. Equitable’s Critical Illness eligible claimants, will now be supported beyond diagnosis and through treatment and recovery. Equitable Life is proud to announce that it has partnered with Canadian digital health innovator, Cloud DX, to provide a Virtual Monitoring Care service as part of its Critical Illness packages. We are pleased to offer this service on all new and existing EquiLiving® coverages. 

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Frequently asked questions
More about Cloud DX and this unique offering: 
Cloud DX is a leading Digital Care platform. The Canadian company invents, manufacturers, and distributes medical grade devices for monitoring vital signs. Pairing with its devices, Cloud DX’s software service for smart devices enables patients and medical care teams to remotely monitor patient vital signs and trends, complete with built in notifications of irregular readings (set by the Cloud DX healthcare team). The software is easy-to-use, with tech support only a click away. Clients feel supported knowing the reviewing healthcare team will notify them by phone of any concerning vital changes that require action.  
This service, offered through Cloud DX, is confidential and is proven to be an effective way to support clients who are in recovery and drastically improves the quality of life.1


Equipment and services provided:
Cloud DX provides a Virtual Care service through medical grade clinical devices, such as blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, weight scales, or thermometers. Using these connected devices, the Connected Health platform remotely monitors patient vital signs, and the healthcare team is notified if a reading is out of range, prompting them to reach out to the client. The system is complete with built in reading reminders and notifications if irregularities occur (readings outside the set thresholds), actioning a team to review and, if needed, triage to the healthcare team for follow-up by phone with the claimant, or their emergency contact. This, however, is not an emergency service*. 

Equitable® pays for six months of Cloud DX subscription fees. Claimants wishing to continue with the Cloud DX service after six months will be responsible for the cost. 
How does a client access this service? 
A client must have an approved claim for a full benefit payment for a covered critical condition to access the service. Approved claimants2 are informed about the benefit when they receive their claim letter and cheque. The claimant is instructed to reach out to Cloud DX with their EquiLiving® policy number if they would like to take advantage of this confidential service.

After receiving this information from the claimant, Cloud DX will arrange for the kit shipment and initial onboarding meeting. 
The Connected HealthTM kit will include medical grade clinical devices, such as a blood pressure cuff, a thermometer, pulse oximeter, and/or weight scale for the patient to keep and use at home.


How long is the service available? 
The Connected HealthTM kit and six months of service are included in the benefit at no cost. After this period, while the devices are the clients’ to keep, should they wish to continue with the Cloud DX services, they can transition to a personal subscription and pay accordingly. 

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1 McGillion M H, Parlow J, Borges F K, Marcucci M, Jacka M, Adili A et al. Post-discharge after surgery Virtual Care with Remote Automated Monitoring-1 (PVC-RAM-1) technology versus standard care: randomised controlled trial BMJ 2021; 374 :n2209 doi:10.1136/bmj.n2209
Cloud DX is a non-contractual benefit and may be withdrawn or changed by Equitable® at any time. To be eligible for the Cloud DX offering, a claimant must be age 12 or older and have received payment on or after February 12, 2022 for a covered critical condition benefit under an individual critical illness insurance policy issued by Equitable Life. An early detection benefit payment does not qualify. Equitable pays for 6 months of Cloud DX subscription fees. If the claimant wishes to continue the Cloud DX service after 6 months, they will be responsible for the cost. The claimant must supply their own device to connect to Cloud DX–a laptop, tablet or cellphone. As well, the claimant needs to supply their own data or internet service.
® denotes a registered trademark of The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada.
* The Virtual Care service offered by Cloud DX should not be used for medical emergencies. In an emergency, call 911 or visit your nearest hospital emergency department.