1a. The history and opportunity of Critical Illness Insurance
Dr. Marius Barnard's vision was to provide financial relief for clients/families diagnosed with any of four major illnesses/events: heart-attack, cancer, stroke, and coronary artery bypass surgery. Most critical illness insurance plans now cover a broader range of common life-threatening illnesses. Regardless of the number of covered conditions, Dr. Barnard’s vision for critical illness insurance remains: the payment of a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis and survival of a listed major illness.

There are numerous reasons why you should be talking to your clients about critical illness insurance beyond the most important: your clients can benenfit tremendously from this product when facing a difficult diagnosis and recovery. 

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1b. The three realities of health care
It is quite natural for a client to wonder why they have never heard of critical illness insurance and why their parents and grandparents did not own it. You should be prepared to answer the question of “Why critical illness insurance today?” even if the client does not ask, as they are most likely thinking it.

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1c. The four question Critical Illness sale
Many advisors have had success in introducing the need for critical illness insurance through these four questions:
1. Do you know anyone who has had cancer, heart attack, or a stroke?
2. Was it unexpected?... as these illnesses sometimes happen to even the healthiest people we know.
3. Was it emotionally or financially challenging for them and their family or business?
4. Would some extra money have helped?

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