3a. Pivoting from disability insurance
Some advisors see the presence of a quality long term disability insurance contract as a barrier to a potential CI sale. Conversely, top critical illness insurance advisors use the fact that their client owns long term disability insurance coverage as an opportunity to open the critical illness insurance conversation. Critical illness insurance complements disability insurance in two ways; it can offset the difference between monthly disability benefits payments and full working income, and it can provide further capital to fund increased costs often associated with a significant health diagnosis.

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3b. Pivoting from Investment Planning
Most clients think that they have a strong financial plan once they have covered off protecting their families should they die and protecting their future for retirement. Rarely is much thought given into how vulnerable their savings are should they be diagnosed with a critical illness.

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3c. Pivoting from Life Insurance
You can introduce critical illness insurance easily during a new life insurance
presentation or during a review of your client’s inforce life insurance. If you
position life insurance by using cancer, a heart attack or stroke, that results in
death triggering a life insurance payout; this will automatically transition to the
financial struggles of recovery if the client has cancer, a heart attack or stroke
and survives the condition. Connecting the life insurance payout to the critical
illness conditions (cancer, heart attack, stroke), makes it easier for you to transition
to asking your client “what would happen if you do not pass away when these
illnesses strike?” Most people do not own critical illness insurance because they
simply do not know that it exists or really understand critical illness insurance.

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