5a. Designing The Critical Illness Solution
There are so many different choices in the market when it comes to critical illness insurance coverage amounts, premium structures, and optional riders, that it can be daunting to navigate through all the options. You can simplify this process by sequentially addressing some key decisions your clients need to make that will guide you in shaping the final critical illness insurance recommendation.

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5b. Designing The CI Solution: Amount of Coverage
One of the questions that both advisors and clients find difficult to answer is “how much critical illness insurance coverage do I need?” There is no doubt that there is a wide variance in how your client would be impacted based on what they are diagnosed with and their circumstances at the time they are diagnosed.

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5c. Designing The CI Solution: Selecting the Premium Structure
Each of your clients with unique situations, and many factors influence the appropriate premium structure for them. These include your client’s desired benefit amount, cash-flow, and time-horizon. Various carriers offer various premium structures to choose from.

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5d. Designing the CI Solution: Optional Riders
Most insurance products have optional riders that can be added so that the
base coverage can be enhanced with other features.

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