What is the Investor Profile Questionnaire and why should my client fill one out?

This questionnaire will assist your client in understanding investment goals and objectives, time horizon required and attitudes towards risk. The questionnaire can help to determine an appropriate investment mix or asset allocation. As an advisor, you are required by law to demonstrate the rationale behind your recommendations. The questionnaire can assist you in being able to demonstrate suitability. 

To learn more, see Interactive Investor Profile or Pivotal Select Investor Profile Questionnaire (Form #1165). Also, see Understanding your Investor Profile (Form #1797).

Where can I see a listing of all the funds you offer and recent performance?

Click here for a complete list of our segregated funds and fund performance. To learn more, see Pivotal Select Fund Facts (Form #1366).

Can you describe Equitable Life's approach to choosing investment managers?

Equitable Life's continued adherence to disciplined investment guidelines and prudent risk controls are an integral part of its commitment to be a source of secure investment, providing competitive and consistent returns for your clients. Equitable Life has carefully selected and partnered with some of the industry's top performing and trusted investment management firms. Your client's portfolio can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of some of the world's most respected financial minds. These alliances were selected based on their disciplined investment approach and enduring history of strong investment performance. By working together with our alliances, we can draw on the strengths of each organization and provide your client with "the best of the best" when it comes to building a secure, high performing portfolio. 

To learn more, see Pivotal Select Fund Facts (Form #1366).

Where can I see all your segregated fund codes for both Pivotal Select and Pivotal Solutions?

A reference document listing all Equitable Life's segregated fund codes (past and present) is available on EquiNet. See Pivotal Select Segregated Fund Codes (Form #375SEL).

Why on the Pivotal Select platform do all your funds share the same inception date of September 2013?

This is the introduction date of the Pivotal Select product.

What are your MERs and guarantee fees, and how are they calculated?

When a policy owner invests in a segregated fund, the policy owner will be charged a Management Expense Ratio (MER), which is charged directly to the fund. The MER varies from fund to fund and covers the investment management fees, taxes and basic guarantee insurance costs. Management fees and MERs are also explained in the Pivotal Select Advisor Guide.

An additional guarantee fee separate from the MER is charged for Estate and Protection class contracts. This allows for transparency, flexibility, and efficiency. Guarantee fees are deducted from the policy owner's fund value and will be shown in the transaction history section of the statement. They do not reduce the policy owner’s maturity or death benefit guarantees. They are calculated as follows:

Market value of fund X annual guarantee fee / 12

To learn more, Pivotal Select MERS and Guarantee Fees (Form #375SEL).