What sales charge options are available and how do they compare?

No Load (NL) and No Load - CB (NL-CB, NL-CB5). There are no surrender charges for NL, NL-CB and NL-CB5. To learn more, see Pivotal Select Advisor Guide (Form #1405). Also, see Pivotal Select Contract and Information Folder (Form #1403).

What is the 'free withdrawal' amount for Pivotal Select contracts and how is it calculated?

For non-registered contracts, Retirement Savings Plans and Tax-free Savings Accounts, a client can withdraw up to 10% of the sum of premiums paid in the first year. Each subsequent year a client can withdraw up to 10% of the sum of the fund values as of the first valuation date of each calendar year and 10% of any additional deposits made during the year. For Retirement Income Funds, the free withdrawal amount is 20%. All withdrawals are subject to applicable legislation.

How much 'free withdrawal' is available for my client?

The free withdrawal amount can be found on EquiNet. Click on Commissions/Inquiry and follow the steps. The free withdrawal amount will appear on the Values tab.