Disability management

Disability management

Disability and absence management solutions

Disability and absences can be a difficult time for both employees and employers and can have devastating impacts. Employers suffer losses in productivity, resources and customer service, and satisfaction levels when employees are away from work. The impact to employees needs to be measured both in terms of the potential loss of income and financial security as well as the isolation and uncertainty that can accompany serious health issues.

The Equitable commitment to minimizing the cost and impact of disability is founded upon the principal that absent workers must be supported throughout the disability process in order to regain their health and successfully return to work. Where a return to work is not possible, we are committed to providing fair and consistent support to employees suffering ongoing, severe disabilities.

These principals are embedded in our dedicated disability and absence management team, our superior service and our contract provisions.

These advantages are reflected in our long and short term disability management solutions as well as in our QuickAssess™ absence and accommodation service.