Health, wellness & online services

Health, wellness & online services

Health, wellness & online services

Health and Wellness resources to keep you and your employees healthy and productive

Our comprehensive Equitable HealthConnector services provide you with flexible options to help your employees stay healthy and productive. Services are available in any combination to easily customize to the unique needs of your employees. Whether it’s advice for dealing with the demands of a busy household or support when diagnosed with a serious illness, HealthConnector can help with affordable tools and resources that benefit both you and your employees.

Equitable HealthConnector can help you:

• Decrease the impact of health-related absences and claims;
• Improve productivity and overall workplace health;
• Strengthen retention and recruitment efforts; and
• Manage the overall cost of providing group coverage.

Equitable HealthConnector can help your employees:

• Cope with everyday challenges related to work, home and family responsibilities;
• Bring their best game to work every day;
• Get the support they need after being diagnosed with a serious illness; and
• Identify their mental health risks and connect with the resources they need.

To find out more about these exciting services, please contact your nearest Equitable Life group regional sales office.

Innovative online services for plan sponsors, members and advisors

As a result of our commitment to service, we developed our aptly named Innovations® web services. This online solution is flexible and comprised of three customized service modules offering our plan sponsors, plan members and advisors the self-service options they require.

Innovations provides:

  • Simplified plan administration and reporting;

  • Real time enrolment and change updates;
  • Environmentally friendly eSolutions;
  • Quicker turnaround times;
  • 24/7 access to a private, confidential and secure network; and
  • The opportunity for plan members to participate in managing and understanding their benefits.