Life, accident and critical illness

Life, accident and critical illness

Life, accident and critical illness

Group life insurance

Group life insurance as part of a benefit plan allows our clients to provide their plan members with the peace of mind knowing that their family and financial obligations will be met in the event of the unforeseen.

By offering employer-sponsored life insurance as part of a group benefit plan and providing plan members with access to additional optional employee life insurance, our clients can help ensure that their employees hold the right amount of Life Insurance to meet their specific and unique financial obligations.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Most Canadians are not prepared for the financial devastation that can accompany an unforeseen accident. By providing your plan members with AD&D coverage you can help protect them and their loved ones against the impact of a covered accident. AD&D benefits can also include bereavement, child and funeral expense benefits that are specifically designed to help your plan members' loved ones in the event of a fatal accident.

Group critical illness through Equitable Life

Being diagnosed and surviving a serious illness can often be only the beginning of very serious challenges for plan members. Significant expenses such as special medications or alternative treatments that may not be covered by regular health insurance benefits can cause plan members to be more worried about expenses and obstacles instead of their return to health and work.

That is why Equitable Life of Canada has partnered with the Chubb Life Insurance Company of Canada to offer our groups the chance to provide their employees with group critical illness insurance.

Group critical illness will raise employee satisfaction, resulting in improved productivity and employee retention. In the event of a claim, this coverage allows the employee to focus onrecovery by providing a lump sum, tax-free benefit that is on top of any benefits paid through the overall Equitable Life group benefits plan.

Group critical illness is not offset against other benefits and can help protect recovering plan members and their families from having to ask themselves what now? It can also protect their employer's bottom line by potentially facilitating a quicker return to work.