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A few important notes before you get started:
​●  The programs are hosted on Teachable: https://equitable-life-education.teachable.com/
​●  Username: Please use your email that you are contracted with.
​●  Password: Equitable
​●  Please use Google Chrome to access the courses

Course name Summary Number of credits*
Where UL fits in your product portfolio This course compares different types of life insurance products that are available and discusses how one may be better suited than others to meet specific needs. We highlight the differences between lower cost Term insurance and permanent insurance. Then we take a closer look at permanent life insurance and the different features offered by whole life versus universal life. Case studies are presented to demonstrate how universal life can meet specific insurance needs and when should advisors consider universal life to meet their clients’ insurance needs. 1
Building your business with critical illness insurance This course provides advisors with the tools and product knowledge to effectively market critical illness insurance to their clients. It examines demographics, the aging population, medical advancements, the risks and costs of being diagnosed with a critical illness, and why a critical illness insurance product is helpful to include in a client's insurance portfolio. This course also discusses product features and sales techniques, and uses case studies to illustrate sales concepts.  1

*All programs are accredited by AIC, ICM and the Institute. For Quebec (La Chambre) credits, please choose the course option with “QC Credits” in the title.

This program was designed with you, the Advisor, in mind.


Path to Success: Expert Advice on navigating CI Sales provides you with actionable ideas and scripts that you can implement immediately into your critical illness insurance meetings. CE Credits are available if you review the program in its entirety and complete the quizzes at the end of each section.

For more information, visit the Critical Illness Path to Success page.

A few important notes before you get started:

Important: Please use Chrome to view this program. Elements of this program may not display correctly in other browsers.

CE Credits are available for all programs. In order to successfully complete a course and receive CE credits, please remember the following important details:
●  Lectures must be completed in chronological order.
●  You must watch the entire video(s), complete the quiz below each video, then select "Complete and Continue" at the top of the screen.
●  You must score higher than 60% on each quiz element and can retake the quiz if you need to. Upon completion of the course, your CE credits will be issued and will be available for download. Please ensure you follow the steps above.

Here’s the link to our CE programs hosted on a site called Teachable: https://equitable-life-education.teachable.com/

Username: Please use your email that you are contracted with. 
Password: Equitable