Adult Covered Conditions definitions are updated to 2018 CLHIA definitions, including:
  • Adding Acquired Brain Injury (EquiLiving now covers 26 Covered conditions)
  • Making Loss of Independent Existence eligible for all ages to claim
Increased the amount of Early Detection Benefit covered conditions from 4 to 8 by adding:
  • Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours (AJCC Stage 1)
  • Grade 1 Neuroendocrine Tumours (Carcinoid)
  • Papillary or Follicular Thyroid Cancer Stage T1
  • Rai Stage 0 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)


Improved competitive pricing for all plan types and riders
New Plan Types are introduced:
  • 20 Pay coverage to Age 75
  • 20 Pay coverage for life
  • 20 Pay can be issued as a stand-alone or added as a rider to UL and WL
Issue Limits:
  • Minimum issue limit for all plan types is decreased to $10,000
  • Juvenile maximum issue limit is increased to $500,000


Return of Premium Rider

  • Return of Premiums at Surrender/Expiry (ROPS/E), or Return of Premiums at Expiry (ROPE) can be added after issue without underwriting
  • Return of Premiums on Death (ROPD) can be added after issue with underwriting
  • Premiums to Returned under a Return of Premium Rider are no longer limited to the sum insured
  • ROPE Premiums to Returned will now decrease if there is a face amount decrease
Expanded our Change Privilege to T75 and T100, to allow the following:
  • T10 to T75, T100, or 20 Pay plans
  • T75 to 20 Pay plans
  • T100 to 20 Pay for life plan
  • Removed the 30 day restriction required, so changes can now be requested anytime before the Policy Anniversary nearest the insured’s 60th birthday

IMPORTANT: Effective February 12, 2022

We will no longer be continuing our current administrative process of allowing old CI plans to be able to get a current EquiLiving plan design without full underwriting. Old plans will now change to the version of the CI plan that was available at the time their original CI plan was put in effect.

For policies that were put in effect prior to February 12, 2022, you will need to contact the Individual Quotes Department for an Illustration.



Early Detection Benefit claims

  • Removed maximum claim limit of 4x
  • Insured can make a claim for each Early Detection covered condition once

EquiLiving Benefit Amount

  • Payment is the higher of the EquiLiving Benefit amount or the Premiums to be Returned on under a ROPS/E, ROPS or ROPE.
Removed the Exclusion and Limitation provision which excluded a claim if the person insured is diagnosed with a Covered Condition which arises directly or indirectly from:
  • Terrorism
  • Failure to seek or follow the medical advice of a physician who is licensed and practicing medicine

Your recovery is important to us

Introduced CloudDx as a noncontractual auxiliary benefit


Waiver of Premium Rider names are changed in marketing materials and applications to provide more clarity and reduce confusion:
  • Waiver of Premium Rider (Insured Disability)
  • Waiver of Premium Rider (Owner/Payor Disability)
  • Waiver of Premium Rider (Owner/Payor Death and Disability)
Accidental Death Benefit Rider is removed as a rider option