2023 is here and we are here for you!

2023 is here and we are here for you! Equitable Life® would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and we are looking forward to doing more business together in 2023!
Just a reminder, we made some changes in 2022 to make doing business with Equitable Life easier. Some of the most recent enhancements include:

Opt in for text messages on new applications
● Upon submission of an application, you can opt-in to receive text message updates for your new business applications. That’s a text message when the application is received, when a decision is made, when it’s ready for delivery and when the commissions have been triggered.

Cloning pages on EZcomplete®
● You now have the ability to clone an application on EZcomplete. A whole family or a spouse can have a lot of duplicate information and the ability to clone an application can save tremendous amounts of time and make for a much more pleasant client experience.

Jump around on EZcomplete
● Jump from one part of the application to another and back again. You no longer have to complete the application one section after another in order. This will allow a lot more flexibility when submitting a policy application.

To learn more about these great enhancements contact your local wholesaler.

Continue watching for news from Equitable Life for more great launches and enhancements in 2023!

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