An Exciting Fund Lineup Offered with Equitable Generations

An Exciting Fund Lineup Offered with Equitable Generations
Equitable Generations™ is a Universal Life product that offers investment options that resonate with today’s 21st century client while reducing every fee possible. It also reduces the cost of insurance to help clients maximize their opportunity to purchase coverage and build tax-advantaged wealth.

Fund Features of Equitable Generations:

● 34 fund options, including 18 new investment options, tracking funds managed by Fidelity™, Dynamic™, Invesco™ and more.
● 3 sustainable investment “ESG” (Environmental, Social & Governance) options – because today’s buyer cares as much about impact as they do about returns.
● Target date funds that auto-rebalance over time so that as a client approaches retirement, the fund adjusts its risk automatically.

Learn more about our new funds:

● American Equity Index (ESG)
● Canadian Equity Index (ESG)
● Special Situations fund (Fidelity)
● Sustainable Equity, Balanced, and Bond Funds (Fidelity)
● Target Date funds (Fidelity)
● Details on funds available
● Get all your ESG questions answered with Margaret Dorn, S&P