Calming client fears about inflation and market volatility

Calming client fears about inflation and market volatility

Watch any news report or read any social media feed and you will see stories about inflation and market volatility. Inflation is one of the reasons that investing in equities is important - they can help to provide long-term returns that offset the effects of inflation. Help your clients stay on track during periods of market volatility and elevated inflation by following a few key investment strategies.

Time diversification through dollar-cost averaging
Volatile markets can provide opportunities. While your client may be skeptical, remind them about the benefits of dollar-cost averaging. Dollar-cost averaging adds time diversification, meaning your client buys into the market at different points in time. Regular investing can even allow your client to see growth during times of volatility. To learn more, click here.

It is time in the markets, not timing the markets that works long-term
Investing for the long-term allows your client to ride the waves of the investment market. The S&P/TSX Composite Index, for example, has had a compound annual return of approximately 7.8% over the past 25 years.[1]  These returns account for the most recent financial crisis and the dot-com bubble.  Previous market declines have offered buying opportunities for clients who have funds to invest. To learn more, click here.

Keep your clients invested with segregated funds
Segregated funds, like Equitable Life’s® Pivotal Select™, offer additional benefits beyond those offered by mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds. Segregated fund guarantees (maturity and death) can protect your clients’ money during periods of market stress. A segregated fund guarantee will provide your client with the better of the guaranteed amount or the market value at the maturity date or date of death. A Pivotal Select segregated fund guarantee can give your client the confidence to stay invested during market uncertainty. To learn more about using Equitable Life’s segregated funds to keep your client invested, click here.

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® Denotes a trademark of The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada.
[1]  Annualized S&P/TSX Composite total return from January 3, 1995, to February 28, 2020.