Changes to Short Term Disability Benefit Calculations

Changes to Short Term Disability Benefit Calculations
The Canada Employment Insurance Commission and Canada Revenue Agency have announced the 2022 changes to Maximum Insurable Earnings, and premiums for employment insurance. These changes take effect January 1, 2022.
  2021 Amount As of Jan. 1, 2022
Maximum Insurable Earnings (MIE)
$56,300 $60,300
Maximum Weekly Insurable Earnings (MWIE)
$1,083 $1,160
EI Benefit
(55% of the MWIE, rounded to the nearest dollar)
$595 $638
How does this affect your clients?
If your client’s Group Policy with Equitable Life includes a Short Term Disability (STD) benefit which is tied to the EI Maximum Weekly Insurable Earnings, and at least one classification of employees has less than a $638 maximum, then to comply with the provisions of their policy, their STD benefit will be revised with the maximums updated based on the percentage of EI Maximum Weekly Insurable Earnings shown in their policy.
The additional premium for any increase from their previous STD amounts and new STD amounts will be show on their January 2021 Group Insurance Billing (as applicable).
If their STD maximum is currently higher than $638 or based on a flat amount (not based on a percentage or regular earnings), no change will be made to their plan unless otherwise directed.
If your clients wish to provide direction regarding revising their STD maximum, or have questions about the process, they can email Kari Gough, Manager, Group Quotes and Issue.