Dialogue Virtual Healthcare now available to add to Equitable Life benefits plans

Dialogue Virtual Healthcare now available to add to Equitable Life benefits plans

We’re pleased to announce we are partnering with Dialogue, Canada’s leading virtual health provider, to offer unlimited and on-demand virtual access to primary healthcare practitioners.
Virtual Healthcare is the latest addition to our HealthConnector suite of health and wellness services. It is available to add to all Equitable Life benefits plans for an additional cost as of July 1, 2023.

Features of Dialogue Virtual Healthcare
Available 24/7, 365 days a year, Dialogue Virtual Healthcare provides access to unlimited non-urgent medical care for a wide range of health concerns. Plan members get fast access to the largest, most experienced and bilingual medical team in Canada for non-urgent medical issues. They also benefit from in-app prescription renewals and refills, personalized follow-ups after every consultation, and concierge-level navigation support for all referrals to in-person specialists when needed.

Dialogue’s industry-leading platform provides an all-in-one patient journey to address health issues, reducing long wait times and time away for doctor appointments. Plan members and their families can access Dialogue Virtual Healthcare through the secure web portal or mobile app. The Dialogue medical team includes doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses. Plan members can use the service even if they’re already receiving care from a family doctor.

Benefits of Virtual Healthcare

For your clients
By providing access to Virtual Healthcare, plan sponsors can help to:
  • Drive employee engagement;

  • Reduce absenteeism related to in-person medical appointments;

  • Manage chronic health issues;

  • Attract and retain top talent; and

  • Build a healthier workforce.

For their plan members
By providing easier access to primary healthcare practitioners, Virtual Healthcare can offer extra health and wellness support for plan members. It also supports members that may experience barriers to accessing in-person healthcare, such as:
  • Living in a remote location;

  • Work or family obligations during standard medical clinic hours;

  • Mobility challenges related to a disability; and

  • Transportation challenges.

Learn more about bringing Dialogue Virtual Healthcare to your clients
Click the link to learn more about Dialogue Virtual Healthcare : Welcome to Dialogue!

To learn more about how your clients can add Virtual Healthcare to their benefits plan, please contact your Group Account Executive or myFlex Sales Manager.