Equitable Life Group Benefits Bulletin - September 2020

Equitable Life Group Benefits Bulletin - September 2020

In this issue:

Enhancements to Equitable EZClaim Mobile
New reports available on EquitableHealth.ca

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Enhancements to Equitable EZClaim® Mobile*

We’ve updated our Equitable EZClaim mobile app to process vision claims faster, to provide a new option for submitting documents and to increase password security.

Faster vision claims processing and payment

Equitable Life now provides faster processing of vision claims submitted via EZClaim Mobile.

This means plan members can find out the status of their vision claim almost instantaneously. And, for approved claims, they will receive payment even sooner – often in as little as 24 hours.

In order to allow for instant processing and faster payment, plan members will be prompted to enter some additional information, including their practitioner’s name, the date of the expense, the type of expense and amount of the expense when submitting their claims for these services.

Equitable Life plan members can submit all vision claims via Equitable EZClaim, including coordination of benefits and Health Care Spending Account claims.

Submit documents from a mobile device

We have added our Document Submission tool to EZClaim Mobile so plan members can conveniently submit documents directly from their mobile device. Applications, change forms, statement of health forms and more can all be easily uploaded whenever and wherever they are.

Improved security with stronger passwords

To help you, your clients and plan members better protect personal information, we have increased the maximum length of passwords for both EZClaim Online and EZClaim Mobile from 12 to 32 characters. This longer character limit makes it easier to create stronger and more secure passwords.

There is no change for plan members, plan administrators or advisors. All existing passwords will continue to function. However, if you choose to update your password you will now be able to choose longer passwords or passphrases.

Why should I change my password?

Changing your password frequently helps keep your information safe. The longer and more random the password, the more secure it is. To improve security even more, a passphrase is recommended.

A passphrase is a series of words or other text used like a password. Because it is much longer, a passphrase is more secure. Although the words in the phrase may be meaningful to you and easy to remember, they can be random enough that the full phrase is difficult for someone else to guess. It’s even better if you use numbers or other characters in your passphrase.

Your passphrase should be:

  • Long enough to be hard to guess;
  • Not a famous quotation;
  • Easy to remember and type; and
  • Not used in multiple places.

To change your password:

  1. Log in to EquitableHealth.ca
  2. Click on My Information > User Profile
  3. Click Edit
  4. Confirm your information and enter your new password
  5. Click Save

We will be announcing this enhancement to plan members on EquitableHealth.ca.

New reports available on EquitableHealth.ca*

Plan administrators and advisors with reporting access can now download three additional reports any time via the plan administrator and advisor websites on EquitableHealth.ca:

  • Premium and Tax – This report provides a breakdown of premiums and taxes paid per plan member for any specific time period for all applicable benefits.
  • Occupation and Earnings – This report provides current plan member earnings and occupation information and gives plan administrators an efficient way to report updates to us.
  • Employee listing – This report lists all plan members’ information, including name, certificate number, date of birth, province, occupation and salary, as well as benefit coverage currently in place and HCSA allocations.

These reports can be downloaded in Excel format for easy updating, filtering or sorting.

For more information, please contact your Client Relationship Specialist.


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