EZcomplete Non-Face-to-Face enhancement

EZcomplete Non-Face-to-Face enhancement

An EZ way to conduct your out-of-town business

You asked for it, we built it: a solution for your non face-to-face business. EZcomplete® allows you to conduct your non face-to-face business easily and quickly with your clients providing their signature remotely on their own device.

How does it work?

EZcomplete walks you through the electronic signature process. EZcomplete allows your clients to sign remotely using their own device for non-face-to-face applications. You only need to enter their email address and provide them with a secret passcode to securely access the documents to review and sign.

 Just another reason to do business with Equitable Life® 

EZcomplete makes it easy to process your non-face-to-face applications and do business with Equitable Life. 

Login to EquiNet® and click on the EZcomplete icon on the menu bar


® denotes a trademark of The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada.