FasatWeb Upgrade Implementation

FasatWeb Upgrade Implementation
At Equitable, we are making continuous improvements to our advisor services. We are excited to share some upcoming enhancements to FasatWeb—Equitable’s compensation inquiry system.
What’s new?
On January 20, 2024, Equitable is implementing changes to FasatWeb. These changes include:
● Single sign-on has been enabled. Once you log into EquiNet, you won’t have to log in again to access Compensation Inquiry.
● Compensation Inquiry (FasatWeb) can be accessed using MS Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. Compensation Inquiry will no longer run on Internet Explorer.
● Compensation Inquiry screens will now have a new look and feel.
● Two new features have been added to the Activity Analyser, as are highlighted in the image below:
1. Advanced Export—an Advanced Export button has been added to the upper right side of the page, allowing you to export all query results.
2. Column visibility—the new Column visibility tab allows you to choose which columns you’d like to display in your PDF or print request.