NEW MARKETING MATERIAL! Flexibility for supplemental income with Equimax

NEW MARKETING MATERIAL! Flexibility for supplemental income with Equimax Equitable has created a new piece to help you understand our new Equimax® illustration feature, Paid-Up Additions (PUA) to Cash Dividends, now available!

Did you know Equimax clients can switch from the PUA dividend option to the cash dividend option by simply requesting a dividend option change?1,2

You can illustrate this for paid-up 10 pay and 20 pay Equimax plans! Show clients how they can build in added flexibility and use their policy to create a source of future supplemental income by simply changing the dividend option to cash.3
Illustration Considerations:
● Works with Equimax Estate Builder® or Equimax Wealth Accumulator®.
● Illustrate the Excelerator Deposit Option (EDO) to help build the policy values while the PUA dividend option is in effect. EDO payments can’t be made once the policy is switched to the cash dividend option.
● If a client needs temporary insurance coverage – like mortgage protection - illustrate term riders for how long they are needed to meet the specific goal.3
● If critical illness coverage is needed our competitively priced 20 pay critical illness riders are a great fit to provide paid-up critical illness coverage.3 

Clients should apply for the coverage they need. This concept is about flexibility to create a future source of supplemental income.

Want to learn more? Check out our new marketing piece: Flexibility for supplemental income with Equimax (2077).

For more information, reach out to your local wholesaler.
® and TM denote trademarks of The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada.
1 Dividends are not guaranteed and are paid at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.  Dividends may be subject to taxation. Dividends will vary based on the actual investment returns in the participating account as well as mortality, expenses, lapse, claims experience, taxes, and other experience of the participating block of policies.
2 To request a change to the dividend option complete and submit form 558 (Request for Withdrawal of Dividends, Change in Option, or Premium Offset). A client can request a change to the cash dividend option from any other dividend option regardless of the premium type or whether premiums continue to be payable, subject to our current administration rules and guidelines. Some dividend option changes are subject to underwriting. Underwriting is not required to change from the PUA to cash dividend option, however, underwriting is required to change from the cash dividend option to the PUA dividend option.
3 This concept is intended to illustrate a one-time switch to cash dividends once premiums are no longer payable for the policy (including premiums for riders). Premiums are paid with after-tax dollars and dividends paid in cash are subject to taxation.  If premiums are payable there will be tax savings for the client to use the before-tax cash dividend to reduce the premium instead of taking it entirely as a cash payment.  This concept is intended for longer term planning, not to meet short term cash needs by switching back and forth between the PUA and cash options. Clients should consider a policy loan or a cash withdrawal to meet short-term cash needs; policy loans and cash withdrawals may be subject to taxation.