Roll out the red carpet for a refreshed Term!

Roll out the red carpet for a refreshed Term!
We are pleased to announce that updates to our Term life insurance solution are now live! We believe that Term life insurance can deliver value to clients at every stage of their life journeys. Be it at renewal or at conversion, Term is a flexible and affordable life insurance solution for clients today and into tomorrow.

On February 3rd, 2024, we refreshed our Term life insurance solution. Some of the existing and new updates with our Term offering include:
●  More targeted, competitive pricing,
●  Benefits re-aligned under the KIND™ program,
●  Yearly renewals. After the initial term of level premiums, Term life insurance will now renew yearly with premiums gradually increasing each year. This will help clients keep their Term protection longer without large premium increases.

With these updates and more, our Term solution doesn’t just “do the job,” it’s what clients want!

Visit our splash page and watch our informative video to learn more and start selling today!

View our Transition Rules for all the details on processing your applications.
We’ve also updated our illustration tool:
● New Desktop illustration software

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