Start a Conversation with EZstart

Start a Conversation with EZstart Looking for an easy way to explain whole life insurance? We have a digital tool to do just that!

Start a Conversation with EZstart™

EZstart helps start those initial client conversations. Think of it like a digital brochure: you start a conversation about life goals, enter a few details - and within a few clicks - get a quick quote on your phone or tablet. From there, you can easily play with the details and show the impact instantly, dynamically showing the versatility of life insurance while a client is living.

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Insurance on a child – Give the gift of a head start for tomorrow, today.
EZstart can help you start a conversation with clients about whole life insurance for children. The EZstart tool demonstrates how a whole life insurance policy grows with them and provides cash for life events like education or buying their first home.

A gift that keeps on giving
Combined, the EZstart tool and client brochure help show how this insurance strategy can work! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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