Step Up Your Wealth Sales with Equitable!

Step Up Your Wealth Sales with Equitable!
Welcome to the Step Up Your Wealth Sales program with Equitable®

The program rewards advisors who promote Equitable’s Savings & Retirement products to existing and new clients as part of an overall investment strategy based on client needs.  

Commission Bonus Calculation:
Gross deposits into segregated funds
+ Gross deposits into Guaranteed Interest Account contracts
+ 25% of payout annuity sales
- Segregated fund redemptions
- GIA redemptions
= 2024 Net Deposits

All deposits, sales, and redemptions occurring between January 1 and December 31, 2024, will be used to calculate an advisor’s 2024 net deposits.
Tier 2024 Net Deposits Bonus Rate*
1 Less than $250,000 $0
2 $250,000 - 499,999 .25%
3 $500,000 – 749,999 .50%
4 $750,000+ .75%
5 Elite Advisor re-qualifiers1 1.00%

* The bonus amount will be calculated at the end of 2024 based on net deposits. The bonus will be paid within 90 days following December 31, 2024.  Maximum bonus payable is $100,000 for Elite Advisor re-qualifiers; $75,000 otherwise.

For more information, download our flyer or contact your Regional Investment Sales Manager.

Equitable is committed to offering advisors and clients product, service, and feature choices that best suit their needs. We offer multiple sales charge options, three distinct guarantee classes, and a diverse selection of investment funds to align with clients’ unique needs.  

Posted: February 7, 2024
™or ® denotes a registered trademark of The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada.
1Elite Advisor re-qualifiers are advisors who attained Elite status as of end of 2023 and maintain Elite status at the end of 2024. To attain 2024 Elite Advisor status, an advisor must have $1,250,000 in gross deposits in at least 5 policies or $10,000,000 in assets.