Your first $3 million has never been EZier!

Your first $3 million has never been EZier!

Equitable Life® no longer requires medical evidence1 on life insurance amounts up to $3M for applicant ages 18-50, up to $500,000 for ages 51-55 and up to $100,000 for ages 56-60.
Clients can apply for preferred risk classes on term insurance amounts starting at $1 million2, and will have to provide additional evidence.

A winning combination
The increased non-medical limits will lead to even faster turnaround times in our EZcomplete® automated process! Our continued investment in digitalization is accelerating the application process - making it quick and easy! It’s a winning combination.
At Equitable Life, we are proud to be #1 in Canada for total policy turnaround time on fully underwritten insurance business3.

Fast, faster, fastest …did you know?

  • It takes about 12 days on average from the time an application is submitted to the policy being sent out electronically! 
  • More than 40% of all our life insurance policies that don’t require medical evidence are issued within 2 days and
  • 95% of requirements are reviewed by an underwriter within 2 days
Referrals are important to your business and ours
It’s not surprising that MGA advisors rank Equitable Life #1 as the company they would most likely recommend to a friend4. As a mutual, we provide financial security differently, by focusing exclusively on our clients. 

Looking for more details?
These exciting updates are included in Equitable Sales Illustration® software, which is available for download. 
Further details on these exciting new changes are available. As well, please speak to your Regional Sales Manager for more information.
® and TM denote trademarks of The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada.
1 Medical evidence could include: Blood profile, urinalysis, paramedical exam etc.
2 Preferred Term Underwriting will now begin at $1,000,000 for ages 18-50 and $500,000 for ages 51-60.  Preferred Term Underwriting is not available for ages 61 and above
3 New Business service survey conducted by MGA distribution partner 02/01/2021 to 07/31/2021
4 LifeOps Consulting Group Distribution Service Satisfaction survey 2021 (Independent advisors)