Now is a great time to look at bonds

Now is a great time to look at bonds
Bonds have a place in every investment portfolio. They help preserve capital and they offer predictable income. They help diversify portfolios and offer protection from both inflation and a volatile stock market.
Over the past few years interest rates have been rising, which has created a great opportunity for bonds and bond funds. Rising interest rates have lowered the price of existing bonds and increased both the coupon rates for new bonds and yields on existing bonds. Plus, rising rates also create opportunities for capital gains if interest rates fall.
Pivotal Select™ offers four great bond funds to help you diversify client assets. Three of the funds cover North American bonds, and one has a global focus. Learn more about these funds by visiting Equitable’s Fund Overview and Performance website.
To learn why now might be the right time to revisit bonds for clients’ portfolios and more information about our funds, please contact your Director, Investment Sales.
Also, if you missed the Equitable webcast, “Is it time to revisit bonds?” catch up On-Demand.

Date posted: May 16, 2024