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Equitable® is pleased to offer Path to Invest, self-serve Continuing Education (CE) accredited presentation platform for Equitable advisors.

Whether you want to learn more about the financial services industry or how responsible investment solutions can fit into a client’s overall financial well-being, Path to Invest has what you're looking for. 
It’s a one stop shop with 15 accredited presentations on a variety of topics. All with a video tutorial, short quiz, and resource links for more information. 


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Credit Expiry Number of Credits
Equitable Master Class webcast featuring Susan Silma

Navigating regulatory compliance and changes as an advisor can be challenging and overwhelming at times. Just imagine how clients feel. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to transform regulatory compliance into meaningful client engagement?  

June 5, 2024 60 minutes TBD TBD
Franklin Templeton: Is it time to revisit bonds?

For insights on the impacts of interest rates and inflation movement on bond portfolios and how to navigate during this time of uncertainty.

May 8, 2024 60 minutes May 8, 2025 0.50
Equitable Master Class webcast featuring Rob Kochel from Invesco

Discover how it’s surprisingly simple to manage clients. Contrary to most client retention models that are intensive and time consuming, the Golden Hour model aims to deliver maximum benefit at a truly implementable level.

April 10,  2024 60 minutes April 10, 2027 1.0
Equitable Life Active Balanced Portfolios – a unique investment opportunity

Find out how the Equitable Asset Management Group uses quantitative investing to uncover often overlooked investment opportunities to build the Equitable Life Active Balanced Portfolios.

March 20, 2024 60 minutes March 20, 2025 1.0
How to get clients past their thinking blind spots

Join us for an informative discussion led by Dr. Ryan Murphy, head of Morningstar’s global Behavioural insights in how you can get clients past their thinking blind spots.

February 15, 2024 60 minutes February 15, 2027 1.0
Take the helm in 2024 with insights from leading investment experts

Find out what our panel of leading investment experts are saying about the markets and how they are positioning their portfolios. Learn about the themes and forces driving markets and where there are opportunities.

January 24, 2024 60 minutes Jan 24, 2025 1.0

Payout Annuities

Equitable presents how payout annuities can contribute to an overall retirement strategy.

November 22, 2023 60 minutes Nov 23, 2025 1.0
Equitable Master Class

Building Your Business in the Retirement Income Market featuring Daryl Diamond, Chief Retirement Income Strategist, Dynamic Funds

October 25, 2023 60 minutes October 25, 2026 1.0
First Home Savings Account Webcast

Join us for the Equitable Life® First Home Savings Account (FHSA) webcast to learn who is eligible, contribution limits, making withdrawals, how FHSA compares to an RSP and TFSA, practical applications

September 27, 2023 60 minutes June 30, 2026 1.0
Equitable Life Webcast Series featuring Equitable Life Dynamic Asia Pacific Equity Fund Select

Benjamin Zhan and Bruce Zhang will discuss the Equitable Life Dynamic Asia Pacific Equity Fund Select along with the fund's people, philosophy, process and performance. 

June 14, 2023 60 minutes June 14, 2024 1.0
Equitable Life Master Class Webcast: The Personal Coach featuring April-Lynn Levitt, CFP

Join Equitable Life and guest speaker, April-Lynn Levitt, CFP, Business Coach, The Personal Coach, to learn how to be compliant in today’s environment and create client-focused review meetings.

May 31, 2023 60 minutes N/A N/A
Equitable Master Class  The First Word on ESG February 8, 2023 60 minutes February 8, 2026 1.0
Kickoff to 2023 Equitable Life is pleased to present Robert Gignac, author of the book ““Rich is a State of Mind”. January 18, 2023 90 minutes January 18, 2026 1.0
Equitable Life issues CE certificates to participants based on the timelines set out by the accreditation bodies:
  • ADVOCIS - 60 days
  • Alberta Accreditation Committee (AAC) / Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) - 60 days
  • Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF) - 30 days
  • Insurance Council of Manitoba (ICM) - 60 days
  • Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan - 60 days
Please note, these timelines are effective from the time the training activity has been given and may not be applicable for every presentation. If you have any questions about your CE certificate, please use one of the following email addresses:

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