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Continuing Education Credits Number of Credits
Equitable Life Master Class Webcast: The Personal Coach featuring April-Lynn Levitt, CFP

Join Equitable Life and guest speaker, April-Lynn Levitt, CFP, Business Coach, The Personal Coach, to learn how to be compliant in today’s environment and create client-focused review meetings.

May 31, 2023 60 minutes No 0
Equitable Life webcast series presents Mackenzie Investments featuring Arup Datta

Arup will discuss Equitable Life Mackenzie Emerging Markets Fund Select along with the fund's people, philosophy, process and performance.

April 26, 2023 60 minutes Pending  
Opportunities and risks in the current investment landscape David Irwin will discuss what key opportunities and risks investors face in the current investment landscape,  March 29, 2023 60 minutes Yes 1.0
Equitable Master Class  The First Word on ESG February 8, 2023 60 minutes Yes 1.0
Kickoff to 2023 Equitable Life is pleased to present Robert Gignac, author of the book ““Rich is a State of Mind”. January 18, 2023 90 minutes Yes 1.0
Equitable Life Savings & Retirement Webinar Series featuring Payout Annuities

This month, Equitable Life is featuring a discussion on Payout Annuities. Hear why payout annuities provide a guaranteed income that is worry-free and receive insights into how a payout annuity can fit into a client’s retirement plan.

November 23, 2022 60 minutes Yes 1.0
Equitable Life Webcast Series featuring Fidelity Investments

Join us to learn about the Equitable Life Fidelity® Climate Leadership Balanced Fund Select and Equitable Life Fidelity® Climate Leadership Fund Select now available in Pivotal SelectTM Investment Class (75/75). Learn about the funds’ people, process, philosophy, and performance.

October 27, 2022 60 minutes Yes 0.5
Equitable Life of Canada Fall Roadshow - Savings & Retirement

Equitable Life, Invesco and S&P Dow Jones Indices will bring you insights, updates, and information on our new segregated fund lineup and more.

October 18, 2022 120 minutes Yes  2.0
Franklin Templeton

Join us to learn about Equitable Life ClearBridge Sustainable Global Infrastructure Income Fund Select along with the fund’s people, process, philosophy, and performance.

October 10, 2022 60 minutes Yes 1.0
Invesco Canada Join us to learn the reasons for the growth in ESG, how the following funds are managed and how they can be positioned in a client’s portfolio. September 15, 2022 60 minutes Yes 1.0
Dynamic Funds with Bill McLeod This month, we welcome Bill McLeod, Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Equity Income, from Dynamic Funds. June 20, 2022 60 minutes Yes 1.0
Dynamic Funds

Equitable Life welcomes David L. Fingold, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, 1832 Asset Management L.P.

May 11, 2022 60 minutes Yes 0.5
Equitable Life Bissett Dividend Income Fund Select Equitable Life welcomes Les Stelmach, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager; Ryan Crowther, Vice President, Portfolio Manager; and Andrew Buntain, Vice President, Institutional Portfolio Manager, from the Franklin Bissett Investment Management team. April 21, 2022 60 minutes Yes 0.5
Equitable Asset Management Group Equitable Life welcomes David Irwin, Director, Portfolio Management and Client Relations, Equitable Life of Canada. March 23, 2022 60 minutes  Yes 0.5
Global Equity Investing Using a First Principles Approach Join your host Taylor Stavenjord, Regional Vice President and Invesco Canada February 23, 2022 60 minutes Yes 1.0
Kickoff to 2022 Webcast Equitable Life's Savings & Retirement team is hosting a digital fireside chat with members from the leadership team.  January 26, 2022 90 minutes Yes 1.0
Payout Annuities Learn about the features and advantages a payout annuity can provide to your client. October 20, 2021 60 minutes Yes 1.0
EZtransact Equitable Life is featuring EZtransact, a new online tool that allows advisors to submit transactions and collect signatures electronically. September 22, 2021 60 minutes N/A N/A
Equitable Asset Management Group Please join us to hear David Irwin discuss the state of markets today, what key risks investors are focused on, and how the Equitable Life Active Segregated Fund lineup is positioned. March 24, 2021 60 minutes Yes 1.0
Equitable Life issues CE certificates to participants based on the timelines set out by the accreditation bodies:
  • ADVOCIS - 60 days
  • Alberta Accreditation Committee (AAC) / Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) - 60 days
  • Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF) - 30 days
  • Insurance Council of Manitoba (ICM) - 60 days
  • Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan - 60 days
Please note, these timelines are effective from the time the training activity has been given and may not be applicable for every presentation. If you have any questions about your CE certificate, please use one of the following email addresses:

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