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Financial planning concepts


We've added some exciting enhancements to the latest release of our Equitable Sales Illustrations® software. Some highlights include:

  • The maximum face amount for whole life policies has increased from $10 million to $20 million.
  • Riders can now be included with Preferred Estate Transfer & Preferred Retirement Solution concepts.
  • Loan interest repayment can be illustrated with Preferred Retirement Solution.
Download version 2018-1 of the Equitable Sales Illustrations software now.

Preferred life insurance solutions

A packaged approach to show that life insurance can be a preferred method for helping individuals and corporations to leave a legacy, increase wealth and save tax. It's a tax-efficient solution compared to alternative taxable investments.

  • Preferred Estate Transfer
    By redirecting some of their money from taxable investments into a permanent life insurance policy, your clients can create a larger estate and save taxes.
  • Preferred Retirement Solution
    By using the cash value of the life insurance policy as collateral for a bank loan, your clients can supplement their retirement income with tax-free dollars. Find out more about collateral loans.

Other news

  • Is your client a suitable candidate for the Preferred Retirement Solution using a life insurance policy as collateral for a tax-free bank loan? Find out more. (français)
  • Collateral loan program: Participating whole life and universal life policyholders can apply for loans using the cash surrender value of their policy as collateral. Find out more. (français)

Tax and estate planners' guide to corporate life insurance

We have created a reference guide français for use with your clients' tax or estate planners when implementing these concepts. These are available through your Equitable Life Regional Sales Manager.

In all situations, your clients should ensure that competent tax and estate planning professionals have been consulted.

Accessible through the Equitable Life Sales Illustration System

Simply select Equimax participating whole life or Equation Generation IV universal life to run these concepts.