The current version of the Equitable Web Illustrations software is: 2024-2W (February 2024)


Equitable Web Illustrations Updates

Welcome to the web illustration tool for Equimax – another way that Equitable is modernizing your experience!

●  Accessible on a web browser, so you can use it on your mobile phone, tablet, and  MAC or Windows-based PCs and laptops.
●  Save your illustrations to an easy-to-use dashboard.  Illustrations are accessible for 365 days from the last modified date.
●  Click the ‘Open Web Illustrations Dashboard’ link on the right to try it now.

Questions? Please see our FAQ or contact your wholesaler.

New with this release:
Equimax illustration reports have been updated with:
●  A new look and feel that matches our refreshed branding
●  Updated content that is clearly written and client-friendly
●  A reorganized layout based on advisor feedback
●  A cleaner, streamlined design