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Insurance - Forms

* The forms can be sorted by clicking on any of the following column headings: Form No, Form Name or Category.
Form No. Form Name Category
  Temporary Life Insurance Agreement (TIA) (français) Underwriting 
  Underwriting cover letter template (français) Underwriting 
31  Third Party Form (fillable / savable) (français) Underwriting 
36  Tentative Assessment (français) Underwriting 
341  Consent and Authorization for Release of Medical Information to Advisor (français) Underwriting 
347  Critical Illness PreQualifying Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
350  Application for Life And/Or Critical Illness Insurance (français) **Important- Applications must be downloaded separately as they are assigned unique application numbers with each download. Reusing application numbers should be avoided and will cause delays. Underwriting 
370  Declaration of Insurability (Reinstatement) (français) Underwriting 
563  Attending Physician's Statement Disability Benefits (français) Underwriting 
594  Business Information Form (fillable / savable) (français) Underwriting 
1024  Guide to Individual Underwriting (français) Underwriting 
1027  Additional/Updated Customer Information (fillable / savable) (français) Underwriting 
1322  Aviation Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1323  Financial Questionnaire - Business (français) Underwriting 
1324  Financial Questionnaire - Personal (français) Underwriting 
1325  Drinking Habits Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1326  Drug Use Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1327  Foreign Travel and Residence Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1328  Motor Sports Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1329  Mountain Climbing Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1330  Nervous Disorder Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1331  Respiratory Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1332  Skin and Scuba Diving Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1333  Parachuting or Sky Diving Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1335  Ultra Light Planes and Hang Gliding Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1343  Evidence of Insurability (français) Underwriting 
1345  Preferred Underwriting Classifications (français) This guide provides an overview of the Preferred Underwriting Classifications that determine the rates for Preferred Term insurance at Equitable Life.

(Available in PDF Format only.)
1527  Financial Underwriting Guidelines (français) Underwriting 
1530  Immigrant and temporary resident underwriting guidelines (français) (Chinese) Underwriting 
1609  Termination for Internal Replacement (français) Underwriting 
1703  Authorization to Release Evidence (français) Underwriting 
1741  Attending Physician's Living Benefits Statement (français) Underwriting 
1742  Appointment of Representative to Accept Delivery of Insurance Policy (français) Underwriting 
1752  Backcountry Snow Sports Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1795  Capacity Reserve form (français) Underwriting 
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