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Insurance - Forms

* The forms can be sorted by clicking on any of the following column headings: Form No, Form Name or Category.
Form No. Form Name Category
  How much life insurance do I need Term 
  Special up to $10 million Temporary Life Insurance Agreement (TIA) (Equimax) (français) Participating Whole Life
  Temporary Life Insurance Agreement (TIA) (français) Critical Illness Insurance
Participating Whole Life
Universal Life 
  Underwriting cover letter template (français) Underwriting 
16MR  Claimant's Statement (Disability Claim) (français) Claims 
31  Third Party Form (fillable / savable) (français) Administration Forms
36  Tentative Assessment (français) Underwriting 
42  Request for Policy Documentation (français) Life & Health Admin 
46  Policy Loan OR Premium History Request Life and Health Policy Change 
341  Consent and Authorization for Release of Medical Information to Advisor (français) Underwriting 
347  Critical Illness PreQualifying Questionnaire (français) General Content
350  Application for Life And/Or Critical Illness Insurance (fillable/savable) (français) Critical Illness Insurance
Life and Health Policy Change
Participating Whole Life
Universal Life 
351  Short Form Application for Single Life Term Insurance (français) Term
370  Declaration of Insurability (Reinstatement) (français) Life & Health Admin
Life and Health Policy Change
374G2  Application for Change - G2 (français) Life and Health Policy Change 
374G3  Application for Change - G3 (français) Life and Health Policy Change 
378  Pre-Authorized Debit Form (fillable / savable) (français) Administration Forms 
455  Annuity Settlement Option (fillable / savable) (français) Administration Forms 
558  Request for Withdrawal of Dividends, Change in Option, or Premium Offset (français) Life & Health Admin 
570  Declaration as to Loss of Policy (Life Death Claims) (français) Claims 
594  Business Information Form (fillable / savable) (français) Administration Forms
671BCF  Beneficiary Change Request Form (fillable/savable) (français) Administration Forms 
671NOC  Name and Ownership Change Form (fillable / savable) (français) Administration Forms 
680  Policy Loan Agreement (français) Life & Health Admin 
681  Request for Termination (français) Life & Health Admin
Life and Health Policy Change 
682  Claimant's Statement - Life Insurance (fillable/savable) (français) Claims 
683  Proof of Death - Physician's Statement (français) Claims 
693UL  Reallocation of Funds - Universal Life (français) Life & Health Admin 
891  Agent of Record Change Request (français) Administration Forms 
1024  Guide to Individual Underwriting (français) General Content
1027  Additional/Updated Customer Information (fillable / savable) (français) Administration Forms
1318  Final Protection and Living Protection Application for Change Form (français) Life and Health Policy Change
Simple Issue Whole Life 
1322  Aviation Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1323  Financial Questionnaire - Business (français) Underwriting 
1324  Financial Questionnaire - Personal (français) Underwriting 
1325  Drinking Habits Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1326  Drug Use Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1327  Foreign Travel and Residence Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1328  Motor Sports Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1329  Mountain Climbing Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1330  Nervous Disorder Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1331  Respiratory Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1332  Skin and Scuba Diving Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1333  Parachuting or Sky Diving Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1335  Ultra Light Planes and Hang Gliding Questionnaire (français) Underwriting 
1343  Evidence of Insurability (français) Life and Health Policy Change
1344  Simple Issue Application Authorization Form (fillable/savable) (français) Simple Issue Critical Illness
Simple Issue Whole Life 
1345  Preferred Underwriting Classifications (français) Term
1390  Life & Health Supply Order Form (français) Marketing Materials 
1523  Policy Owner Confirmation Of Insurance Policy Delivery (français) Administration Forms
General Content 
1527  Financial Underwriting Guidelines (français) General Content
1530  Immigrant and temporary resident underwriting guidelines (français) (Chinese) General Content
1559  Advisor's Report (fillable/savable) (français) Administration Forms
Life & Health Admin 
1609  Termination for Internal Replacement (français) Life & Health Admin
Life and Health Policy Change
1616  Application for Term Conversion (français) Life & Health Admin
Life and Health Policy Change  
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