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EquiLiving...Critical Illness Insurance

Life and critical illness protection for children.

Help your clients protect their bundle of joy with our perfect bundle …

Life & critical illness insurance + guaranteed insurability

  • This sales solution shows how you can create a plan that can help protect a child or grandchild and give them a head start in life. Secure their future with permanent life insurance, provide access to funds for a critical illness, and include the option for the child to purchase additional coverage as an adult, regardless of health. All premiums are locked in at lower children's rates. Plus, they may be able to use the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) to help offset premium costs.  (français)
  • Share our new "Works for me" article, "Protecting your bundle of joy" with your clients by clicking on the social media icons at the bottom of the article. (français)

A lump sum, tax-free benefit following the diagnosis and survival of one of the 25 covered Critical Conditions (français) including Loss of Independent Existence.

Other news

  • EquiLiving critical illness insurance is now available as a rider on term and whole life plans!   Learn more.
  • EquiLiving claims experience (1528) - Find out how we compare to the industry and see real life examples of critical illness claims paid by Equitable Life. Find out more (français)
  • A small price to pay to protect retirement savings (1525) - If a critical illness strikes, clients often cash in their RRSPs to cover expenses. This sales solution shows a better way, at a fraction of the cost. (pdf format only) Find out more (français)

More choice for completing your EquiLiving applications

Equitable Life is giving you more ways to complete and submit your EquiLiving critical illness insurance applications:

  • Use EZcomplete online application for face-to-face meetings and non face-to-face meetings. It checks for missing information at each step and easily guides you through only the required sections of the application.
  • Use the paper application.

Online needs analysis tool

How much critical illness insurance does your client need? The answer is at your fingertips with our on-line needs analysis tool (français). Now easier to use on your tablet.

Critical illness insurance for children

When "Kiss it and make it better" isn't enough. EquiLiving is available for children (français) ages 30 days to 17 years, it provides coverage for 5 childhood conditions in addition to the usual 25 covered conditions:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Congenital Heart Disease
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Equitable Life shares the hows and whys to broach the topic of children's insurance in this article "Tackling a Taboo: How to broach the topic of children's insurance with your clients." (français)

Your step-by-step guide to increasing your CI sales

This guide walks you through the steps and links you to the marketing material that can help you open and close the sale. (français)

Will your clients qualify?

This pre-screening questionnaire will tell you if they should apply. (français)