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Term Insurance

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Flexible protection that can last a LIFETIME!

lifetime protection

Make a 10 year term last 25 years
(Exchange option)

  • Delay your renewal period (and higher renewal premiums) by exchanging your 10 year term for a new 20 year term by the 5th anniversary.1
  • No additional underwriting required.


Cover both your temporary and lifetime needs
(Partial conversion program)

  • Convert part of your term policy to a permanent policy and add a term rider for the remaining coverage.
  • Convenience of one policy and one policy fee.2
  • No additional underwriting required, regardless of health.


Get protection for life 
(Full conversion)

  • Convert3 your entire term policy to a participating whole life or universal life policy.
  • Lock in lifetime rates.





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Balancing need and affordability (français) Find the right combination of term solutions (Term 10, Term 20 and Term 30/65) at the right cost.
See how the Product Comparison Report can help.  (français)

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Clients who qualify for preferred rates on term riders or stand-alone plans may automatically qualify for EquiLiving® critical illness insurance.
Find out more about our CI Special Offer (français)

1 It must be done by the 5th anniversary, or before age 65, whichever comes first. The new 20 year plan will be issued at current age and rates.

2 Plan minimums must be met. If 50% or more is converted, the remaining term can be added as a term rider at current age and rates. If less than 50% is converted, a term rider can be added to the permanent plan with a maximum face amount equal to the permanent coverage.

3 Conversion must occur prior to the age specified in the contract. See contract for details.