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Equation Generation IV Universal Life


Universal life offers clients the flexibility to skip a payment, or take a premium holiday. By bundling riders with the life coverage, the account value of the policy, if sufficient, can be used to cover future monthly charges for the universal life and any riders.  

This sales solution  (français) shows how bundling insurance coverages and paying a little more upfront, can provide your clients with permanent coverage and the option to take a premium holiday.

CREATE a bundle.  PAY more now. TAKE a premium holiday later.

Equation Generation IV is a participating1 universal life insurance policy that offers a wide range of tax-advantaged2 savings and investment options to chose from, giving you more control over your clients' investment strategy.

The Investor Profiler Questionnaire can assist you in suggesting an asset mix that best fits clients' financial goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. Create and manage a personalized portfolio yourself, or let Franklin Templeton do it for you.

Other news

More choice for completing your universal life applications

Equitable Life is giving you more ways to complete and submit your Equation Generation IV universal life applications:

  • Use EZcomplete online application for your face-to-face meetings and your non face-to-face meetings. It checks for missing information at each step and easily guides you through only the required sections of the application.
  • Use the paper application.

Franklin Quotential Portfolios make it easy

Franklin Templeton offers 5 Portfolio Interest Options with returns based on their Quotential Portfolios. Their active management approach to tactical asset allocation and fund selection offers a more fluid response to market opportunities and conditions.

Have a "glance" at Equation Generation IV

Check out Equation Generation IV At-a-glance for a quick overview of the product and features.

1 Equation Generation IV universal life is a participating policy of the Company. While it is inforce, this policy is eligible for ownership dividends. These dividends may be paid based on the overall earnings of the Company and when the Company has a strong capital position at the time and into the foreseeable future. Ownership dividends are paid at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Dividends are not guaranteed. This policy is not eligible for experience dividends.

2 Subject to maximums as prescribed in the Income Tax Act (Canada)