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Equimax® Participating Whole Life Insurance

Repositioned Equimax Wealth Accumulator now available

Coins Wealth Accumulator

As we continue to grow to meet the needs of various market segments, our product options for your high net worth (HNW) clients have also been improved. Equimax Wealth Accumulator® has been repositioned to meet the needs of your high net worth clients by providing more deposit room and competitive early cash values.

Equimax Wealth Accumulator is now repositioned for your high net worth clients

Equimax Wealth Accumulator is now targeted for clients ages 45 to 65 with an insurance need but also looking for tax advantaged growth as an alternative to traditional investments. It allows your clients to achieve both while diversifying their portfolio and saving taxes particularly for corporations.

Check out the new Marketing materials that have been posted here

New Dividend Scale effective July 1, 2019

Equitable Life's® Board of Directors has approved a change to the dividend scale effective July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

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NEW! Understanding Dividends

Dividend calculations consider the difference between the assumed and actual experience for investment returns, mortality, expenses, lapses and other factors.  That difference can have a positive or negative impact on the dividend paid.  And improvements in some components can help to offset declines in others. Typically, the expense component remains relatively flat whereas the interest component increases over time as the cash surrender value grows.

This new marketing piece illustrates one example of how the expense and interest components for the 2019/2020 dividend scale can impact a policy over its lifetime.  English    (français) 

Actual results will vary for your clients. Available in PDF format only.

In an environment where guarantees are increasingly rare, people are looking for the guaranteed death benefit, cash values and premiums that Equimax participating whole life insurance offers.

Other news

  • EquiLiving critical illness insurance is now available as a rider on term and whole life plans!    Learn more.
  • Preferred Estate Transfer and Preferred Retirement Solution Find out more about how Equimax can be a tax-efficient alternative for estate transfer and retirement income.
  • Life policy collateral loans Equimax policyholders can use the cash surrender value of their life insurance policy as collateral for a tax-free bank loan. Find out more.

More choice for completing your Equimax applications

Equitable Life is giving you more ways to complete and submit your Equimax whole life applications:

  • Use EZcomplete online application for face-to-face meetings and non face-to-face meetings. It checks for missing information at each step and easily guides you through only the required sections of the application.
  • Use the paper application.

Demystifying participating whole life insurance

Learn more about participating policies, how the participating account is managed, factors considered in the dividend calculation, how a client's policy could be impacted by a change in the dividend scale and more.
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Premium deposit fund

A convenient way for clients to prearrange the funding of premiums for Equimax policies. Ideal for clients who:

  • Have access to sufficient cash to make contributions into the fund.
  • Want a more flexible solution than alternative methods of paying premiums in advance.
  • The current Premium deposit fund interest rate for Equimax Wealth Accumulator and Equimax Estate Builder is 0.8%.

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Life policy collateral loans

Equimax policyholders can use the cash surrender value of their life insurance policy as collateral for a tax-free bank loan.
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Excelerator deposit option

Policy Loan

Dividend Scale

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